Our Rooms

At Lightbulb Learning we have 5 rooms, designed for each age group. In each room we have age appropriate resources to support your child’s sense of belonging and growth.



For our younger children, we provide primary caregiving. We have a key teacher who will provide all the care moments for your child including: bottle feeding, nappy changing and supporting them at sleep times. Our teachers will work hand in hand with you to ensure your child’s individual rhythms and routines are followed. Your child has their own cot in one of two cosy, quiet sleep rooms, and throughout the day we follow their individual rhythms and routine. While for younger children these care times are critical for their wellbeing, we also provide them with fun, interactive learning opportunities that support their brain development and understanding of the world.

Young Toddlers:

When children are ready they will move to our young toddler room, where the teaching team and resources support their developing curiosity and development to the next stage. During this time you child will become a more confident walker, improving their balance with practice and confidence. They also start to develop their larger muscle groups and have an increase in their attention span. Their hand-eye co-ordination also starts to develop, often seen at meal times where they start to try to feed themselves. This increase of independence continues in many ways as
they start to explore their world.

By providing them with an environment designed around their needs, where they can become active explorers, work and learn alongside their peers and be supported by our lovely and experienced educators, we see tremendous growth in their language, physical abilities, understanding and problem solving ability, as well as the ability to relate to others.


Our Toddler room is designed for busy 2 year olds. It is an open airy room, with lots of choices of play both inside and out. The toddlers are now able to join the bigger kids in the larger outdoor playground providing the necessary challenge to keep them engaged and foster their confidence and developing communication skills. This is a busy age where children are starting to really grow into their personalities, challenge the boundaries, develop their communication and understanding of relating to others. During this time your child often becomes toilet trained. Our teaching team will work alongside you to positively support the growth of your busy toddler.

Preschool 1:

As your child turns 3 they become ready to transition to the first preschool room. At this age group, most children are toilet trained, are continuing to develop their verbal communication skills, and are supported to actively problem solve, work with their peers, share, become increasingly independent and take an active interest in the world around them. The room is set up with a different array of resources to foster and support the ongoing development of curiosity, discovery and challenge that the inquisitive 3 year old requires.

Preschool 2:

At 4 years old your child will join the big preschool room. At this age the literacy and numeracy which has been weaved throughout the programme becomes more formalised in a focused phonics literacy programme. This supports the learning of numbers and letters, their sounds, how they are written and much more. This is taught in a fun, engaging way each day to support our children in developing a good understanding of numeracy and literacy before they enter primary school.

Children will still learn through play, by doing, succeeding, failing and trying on their own journey of discovery.

In preparing children for their next step to school we work with a holistic approach. Supporting them to develop their confidence, independence, self esteem, communication skills, self control, numeracy, literacy, physical and emotional control and much more.